Introducing Listening to the Residents of Church Hill

St. Peter’s is an Episcopal Church currently located at the corner of 22nd and X Streets in Church Hill.  The church has a long history in Church Hill, over 100 years, and has been located on 27th Street, 28th Street, and Venable Street.

At this time in our life, after being in this neighborhood for a long time, we are reaching out to neighbors in a renewed way.  We are walking around the neighborhood on Monday afternoons to meet, greet, and hear from residents about what they see in the neighborhood.

We have started with a small group of walkers.  But it is our hope that this listening will connect with other listeners both to join us in walks and to follow along virtually to be connected with our neighborhood.  As one frequent walker said recently: “The key is to listen to the neighborhood rather than listening to what other people say about the neighborhood.  The neighborhood speaks!”

Our goal is to listen attentively to our neighbors, while going out to be a good neighbor in Church Hill.  We will see where God leads us from here.