Youth, Employment, Keep Walking

This walk focused on 22nd Street.  One neighbor pointed out that there are more programs needed for youth.  This has been a repetitive theme:  concern for the youth of Church Hill.

Another younger male resident with a young child emphasized the need for local employment opportunities in Church Hill.  This is a conversation about employment opportunities for residents in Church Hill that we are hearing frequently.  It is one of the focuses of the Mayor’s Community Wealth Building initiative in RVA.

One elder resident discussed with us the local civic association with actually meets at St. Peter’s on Thursday nights.  They do things like clean up days.

Finally, a barber down the street from the church said he was actually married at St. Peter’s in the 70’s.  There seem to be a lot of people with connections to our church in the community that are not currently connected with us.

When asked what the church could do for the community, he said just more of what you are doing now:  keep walking around the neighborhood.  Be a part of the neighborhood.