Job opportunities for Ex-Felons

This walk was on 23rd Street.

Two guys who recently graduated high school talked about doing a neighborhood clean up.  They also talked about a basketball court and some kind of sack races would be fun.

Two guys on the porch.  One of them had been a standout basketball and baseball star.  He talked about job opportunities!  He said that drugs, petty crime, and mental illnesses such as depression could all be traced back to employment.  And once you get a felony on your record, you do not have an opportunity.  He talked about a program that Riverside City Jail has where they contract with a trash service and linen service to get people coming out jobs.

One woman talked about the aging community in the neighborhood and how they need transportation for getting prescriptions and other needs from the first to the eighth of each month.

One neighbor talked about the need to fix the road and provide a handicap access ramp at one point in the street.  This is a matter of working with the city.