Job Postings and Mental Health

This walk focused on 22nd Street, the sidewalk beside Fairfield Court, and 24th Street.

We spoke with some men at the bus stop directly across from the church.  They talked about a men’s center that focused on jobs.  They suggested a bulletin board with jobs postings and people there to help with applications and resumes.

They also suggested a regular hot meal during the week.

One man near Fairfield talked about the need to have a “dialectical” mode of conversation because that is what the youth are attracted to — to argue about religious truth in order to get down to what’s real.

One of our church members had a hauled a fallen tree away from one of the neighbors.

We talked in the end about taking mental health issues in the community seriously.  And having to develop the fundamentals together with people in order to get and hold down a job.  In any effort to address the systemic employment issues, we have to be ready to have more failure than success, to hear what the community is saying, and to start small with a grassroots effort that involves attentive listening.