How do we care for the children?

Two St. Peter’s parishioners talked with a woman who was waiting on her grandson to get off the school bus.  They spoke with her and invited her to our bible study on Wednesdays.

The woman showed up at the bible study on the following Wednesday and was troubled by what she had seen when visiting her grandson’s elementary school classroom in Church Hill.  A student had spoken to her with great disrespect and she was troubled by the experience.

So she came to bible study seeking answers.  We talked about how many people when they behave badly in school or other social setting are met with crossed arms and furrowed brows.  We talked about a different approach — how we could be nurturing and supportive of those children rather than always focusing on punitive measures.  This is not to negate the need for discipline.  But to affirm the child as a child of God while also addressing the behavior.

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