A Need for Soft Skills for Employment

Young guys in the neighborhood have been the best sounding board in the neighborhood.

They have helped give direction to searching for how St. Peter’s could fulfill its potential as a resource for the neighborhood.

When talking to a couple of younger guys about employment, they said they had tried to start their own lawn care business every summer for a while because they had been trained and worked for a large lawn care business previously.  But they had not been able to get it off the ground.

One of them talked about other talents he had.  But how the decision he regrets is not going to college.  He said you learn other things in college besides the core subjects.  You learn the intangibles that allow you to build a business around your talent.

He is not the first to speak this way.  There is an awareness in the neighborhood of a set of skills required to navigate, plan, and have success in the world of business and it is that set of skills that I think we as a congregation need to pay attention to.

They also spoke about needing a list of job opportunities and their requirements, particularly places that hire ex-felons, to let people in the neighborhood know their possibilities.