What can we do for a Shrine Mont grad?

On our walk this week, after seeing a family walking whose child we baptized two weeks ago at the Bishop’s visit, we ran into a young lady on a walk.

Dennis recognized her as a young woman who he had taken to Shrine Mont as a little girl.  Now she is in her 30’s and life is hard:  a couple of tough diagnoses recently.  But she remembered Shrine Mont camps in the summer fondly.

And then after the walk, Dennis asked the question:  what can we do for adults that is set apart the way that PeterPaul sets aside space for children to develop?

That I think is the right question, because if we take the responsibility to take a young girl to Shrine Mont, a place set apart, and expose her to what’s possible, surely then we also have a responsibility to give her space set apart for God to develop her as a young woman into the fullness of who God created her to be.