Food Desert and Prison System

We had several conversations today as people were out on their porches with the warmer weather.  We talked with one couple who lives near the church and is on dialysis.  He has been on it for 13 years and she has been on it for 7 years.  There are many people in the neighborhood on dialysis.  Will having a full grocery store on 25th Street make a difference?  Having access to healthier food?

We talked to people mostly inviting them to our food distribution or to worship.  I often struggle with our conversation focusing on invitation.  Yes, we want people to know that they are welcome with us.  But it feels to me that there is more conversation to be had.  I like talking with people about their priorities for the neighborhood because it makes the conversation more substantive than an invitation.  Sometimes people have thoughts on priorities and sometimes not.

We talked together about the drug game and street hustle.  We talked about the web that a person can fall into through fast money and the prison system.  We talked about God offering a rope of salvation to each one of us in the midst of all that comes at us each day.