Introducing a Sermon Series on Values: September – December 2017

Following the gathering of white supremacists and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017, Presiding Bishop Curry visited churches in the city of Charlottesville.  One of the lessons he taught was this:

“In a polarized environment like ours, the place to start isn’t the issues.  It’s the values, principles, tenants you live by.  Then you can approach the issues.  Not just as one more interest group, but as an agent and instrument of the values Jesus taught.”

What follows are sermons preached on basic values taught by Jesus and evident in Scripture on Sunday mornings at St. Peter’s.  But it is important to note that these same values are also being taught, each week leading up to the Sunday, at PeterPaul Development Center, Anna Julia Cooper School as well as at Bible Studies during our Food Distribution and at Fairfield Court as well as at our youth Sunday.

The St. Peter’s vestry calculated that over 200 people across generations in the East End are studying the same value together each week during this series.  Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has challenged Episcopal Churches to take their place as the “Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement.”  Perhaps this study of values throughout our community is part of our response and way of living into the Jesus Movement as St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.


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