Annual Giving for 2020

“Work, Wealth, and Wisdom”

Dear friends in Christ,
“All Israel passed by until all the people had completed the crossing on dry ground” (Joshua 3:17)

St. Peter’s is crossing over. After 100-years as a mission church in the Diocese of Virginia, in 2020, St. Peter’s will be a self-sustaining church. This is a significant moment in the life of our congregation, as we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, who invested themselves and their resources into this church that they loved.

Now is our opportunity to carry on their legacy and invest ourselves here. There is no other church in Richmond like St. Peter’s. Here, people from different races and socio-economic backgrounds gather to worship together in what has historically been called the nation’s most segregated hour. That is not true at St. Peter’s.

For this reason, our neighborhood needs St. Peter’s, as people from different backgrounds live near each other but may not have places to be together. And our nation needs St. Peter’s, as people with differing viewpoints and backgrounds are increasingly divided from each other. St. Peter’s is a place for all of us to learn to love God and love our neighbor together.

The rich legacy we have inherited and our mission in this neighborhood and nation will continue into the future through what we collectively give: work, wealth, and wisdom.

For us to reach our goal of self-sustainability in 2020 we need total pledges of $70,000. or more. Whether you live in the East End, greater Richmond or outside of Virginia please join us in prayerfully considering your contribution for 2020. More information is linked below. This includes a pledge card. Simply print it and mail it or bring it to the church.

Each Sunday, beginning on November 10, we will be highlighting how our pledges will translate into self-sustainability, culminating in Ingathering Sunday at worship on Sunday, November 24. Please plan to attend.

We are crossing over, St. Peter’s, all of us, together.
Andrew B. Terry , Pastor Ron Carey, Sr. Warden Janice Dean, Stewardship Chair

Additional information, including a printable pledge card, is available at these links:

Welcome to St. Peters (PDF)

Case Statement (PDF)

Pledge Card (PDF. Print and mail to the church)

Self-Sufficiency Projects (PDF)

Here is the calendar of events:

November 10 : “Wisdom” Sunday.  This is our opportunity to hear testimony from our elders on why Self-sufficiency matters for St. Peter’s.

Sunday, November 17.  “Work” Sunday.  We commit together to the “work” that God is calling each of us to do in 2020.  During the week, we will have opportunity to pray about where we feel God calling us and then we will join those callings together in an interactive sermon. 

Sunday, November 24. “Wealth” Sunday.  We will lay at the altar our financial pledges to God for 2020.