Notes from our Annual Meeting

When churches announce their Annual Meeting, many people groan. “Oh no, that long meeting again.”  Not so at St. Peter’s. We had our Annual Meeting on January 19, with a big turnout of all ages, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup (thank you Vestry), exciting information and planning in small groups.  Pictures below!

The most exciting news is that we have begun the move into full self-sufficiency.  This means that in a few years we will have parish status from the Diocese of Virginia and no longer be a mission church.  We’ve been a mission of the diocese for our entire existence, over 100 years.  That is changing! How?

We’ve met our goal of $70,000 in pledges, and it is still growing.  Supporting ourselves financially is a big step in becoming a parish.  Our budget for this year sets expenditures at $108,215, and our income is currently at $121,000.  This is a surplus budget, and one of our challenges throughout the year is to maintain that while still supporting our programs, needs, and growth in new initiatives. To help you and friends of St. Peter’s, our website now accepts online payments.  You can use your credit/debit card or PayPal.  Be sure to cruise around the new website when you’re there too!

In the expenditures side of the budget there is $3000 allocated for programs.  One of these that we’re very excited about is our children and youth program.  If you’ve been to St. Peter’s in the past few months, we hope you’ve noticed our new infant and toddler nursery.  It is just off the sanctuary and is fully equipped for our little ones.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible and so beautiful.  In the next few weeks we will explore various options for staffing the nursery.  Watch out for news! Our  other programs for children continue to grow.  Teens are now involved in worship.

Dr. Ron Carey, Sr. Warden, identified five challenges in 2020. Keep an eye on our expenditures throughout the year; increase sources of income especially through such areas as new pledges and gifts, rentals, corporate sharing (Kroger’s community rewards program, for example); maintain our connections with friends and family who live outside of Richmond and those nearby whom we’ve lost contact with; maintain and grow our neighborhood connections and relationships; increase opportunities for our church family to be together and share with each other.

The last section of the meeting was devoted to discussion groups, convened by the members of the Vestry.  These were: children and youth; history hall; self-sustainability; neighborhood, and Brunswick Stew.  Watch this website and the Sunday bulletins and announcements for updates and news.  If you have questions and want to be involved contact any member of the vestry or the church office.

What makes a church an exciting place where people want to be, to join and to participate?  What makes it a meaningful place where people are empowered to share the Good News of God in Jesus Christ and invite others to join them?  Many factors, no doubt, but friendliness, sincerity, care for each other, passion for the neighborhood, great preaching, vibrant worship, people of all ages, diversity, and of course…food and fellowship. St. Peter’s has all this and more.  Join us!

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