Announcements for the week of March 29, 2020

Dear St. Peter’s Family,
What a joy it was to see and hear so many of you at our St. Peter’s Coffee Hour Sunday.  We will continue hosting St Peter’s Coffee Hour at Noon on Sundays each week so mark your calendar!
As promised, here are the Announcements from Sunday in a Q&A format, including, at the end, how you can continue to support St. Peter’s financially during this time:
1.  When will we be able to worship in the church building again?  Bishop Goff has said that the earliest we will be able to worship in our churches in the Diocese of Virginia will be the weekend of May 10.  However, this can change, and with the Governor of Virginia’s extension of our time in physical isolation until June, there is the possibility this will be extended.  I will keep you updated.  But know we will be in Vigil together until we can gather in person again to celebrate Easter!  Our first Sunday back worshipping in our church building will be our Easter Day Celebration.
2.  What will we do for Holy Week this year?  A team of St. Peter’s members have planned for how we can worship together during Holy Week while remaining in our homes.  We will be mailing worship materials for your Holy Week worship.  Please plan on the evenings of Thursday April 9 (Maundy Thursday), Friday April 10 (Good Friday) and Saturday April 11 (Easter Vigil) to set time aside for worship together.
3.  What is the church doing to support our community at this time?  A team of committed church and neighborhood volunteers have decided to continue offering food distribution, utilizing small numbers, physical distancing, and other best practices to help keep people safe.  We recognize that providing food, particularly to our seniors in the immediate vicinity, is a vital part of our ministry in the neighborhood.  RE:work RICHMOND is also keeping in close touch with the 15-families we support in the neighborhood.  
If you need anything and are home-bound, please reach out to me and we have church volunteers willing to make grocery store runs and deliveries to help support each other.  Please continue to pray for each other and pick up the phone and call each other too!
4.  What will happen with activities planned during this time?  All church activities held at the church building, besides food distribution, will be postponed to a later date, including our Lenten series, our Brunswick Stew Sale, and our Neighborhood Walks.5.  How can I continue to support the church financially during this time?  Many individuals, businesses, and non-profits have had their finances affected as a result of the pandemic.  Many within our congregation may have been affected in one way or another financially.  Recognizing this reality, to the extent that you are able, please continue to support the church and fulfill your pledge as possible in these difficult times.
Here are 4 ways you can continue to financially support St. Peter’s:
1.  You can set up to make one-time or regular donations through our St. Peter’s website by going to and clicking on “Give” in the Menu or clicking on this link will take you directly to the donation page.
2.  You can set up for your bank to electronically make a payment to St. Peter’s.  If you need any information from the church or help in getting this set up, please contact me at
3.  You can mail a check made out to St Peter’s Episcopal Church to St Peter’s Episcopal Church 1719 North 22nd Street Richmond VA 23223
4.  Dr. Carey is willing to schedule a time to meet any individual at the church who wishes to make a check or cash donation but does not wish to put it in the mail.  You can call him at 804-795-2211 to schedule.

I am grateful to each of you for your continued prayers for and participation in the life of our church.  It’s in times like these that we come to recognize what is truly important.  And I am grateful every day for St. Peter’s.
Blessings to you,