Farewell to the Terry Family

Saying good-bye can be bittersweet, can’t it? That’s how the St. Peter’s family feels right now. On July 19 we bid farewell to the Rev. Andrew Terry, his wife Tiffany and their son Langston. They are moving to Texas where Fr. Terry will begin a new position as a missioner with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. The move will also bring them close to family in Texas. For all of this we give thanks to God.

We send them off with sadness but with hearts full of thankfulness and joy for the gifts and friendships they’ve brought us for the past 5 years. We are also filled with anticipation and excitement about what lies ahead for St. Peter’s. Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for updates on our new leadership and plans.

At the farewell service on July 19th the congregation presented Fr. Andrew with a new stole and a framed picture of all of us. The picture is taken from one of our current Zoom fellowship times, and it is surrounded by the names of everyone at St. Peter’s. You can see the gifts in the picture below.

Go in peace Andrew, Tiffany and Langston. You are loved and will be missed!