Gospel, Sermon and Announcements for August 23, 2020

While we cannot be together in person we are together spiritually and virtually by Zoom. If you would like to join us for our Zoom time together we meet on Sunday at 12:00 noon and are finished about 1:15 pm. Email the church and we will send you the Zoom link.

The gospel from Matthew 16: 13-20 can be found at this link.

The sermon can be found at this link. The preacher is the Rev. Lindon Eaves.

Lindon and his wife Sue grew up in Birmingham, England.  They went to the same elementary school but didn’t know it.  While they were still in High School, they met at a Church cricket match at a nearby psychiatric hospital in the summer of 1961. They went to church on New Year’s Day 1962 for their first date and married in 1968.

Sue trained as a teacher and Lindon as a priest at colleges outside Oxford, U.K. .  When Lindon was ordained they returned to Birmingham where Sue taught in High School and worked with adult literacy programs as Lindon began research towards his doctorate a genetics while assisting at a nearby parish church.    

They first visited Richmond in 1978 while Lindon was on sabbatical at MCV, returning to Oxford for two years before emigrating to Richmond in 1981 after Lindon was offered a faculty position in Human Genetics at VCU/MCV that Summer.

A friend introduced them to St. Peter’s where they were delighted with the openness, lack of stuffiness and sense of welcome they met when they crossed the door. Lindon went on to serve at Holy Comforter, Richmond   After the birth of their third child, Sue trained for the priesthood at Virginia Theological Seminary.  She was ordained in 1990 and served as the director of St. Catherine’s Upper School (where she had taught religion), became associate rector of St. James’ Richmond, served 12 years as Rector of St. Thomas’, Richmond before retiring from full-time ministry in 2013, later serving as Interim Rector for St. Paul’s, Richmond.

During this time, Lindon continued his research into the roles of genes and environment on human behavior while serving as a non-stipendiary priest at St.James’ and later St. Thomas’ where he continued to preach, celebrate and teach while playing an active role in the national dialogue between religion and science.

Although they still sound English, they are both American citizens and see Richmond as their home.  They have three children and three grand-children who all live in the United States. They are grateful they have been able to return to St. Peter’s where the Spirit is so alive and well.


FOOD DISTRIBUTION and the FOOD BANK takes place on the first and third Wednesday of each month. For more information contact Dr. Ron Carey.

BIBLE STUDY each Wednesday at 7:00 PM hosted by Daniel and Lindsay. Meeting ID: 92081906419. To call in, call this number: 646-558-8656 and meeting ID: 920 8190 6419. if you have any technical difficulties joining, call Daniel at 908 234 0376.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER is offered on the second and fourth Saturday at 3:00 PM. Please contact Nikki Fernandes with any prayer requests at nikkifernandes1@gmail.com or 757-880-9126 or contact Olivia Brown at 804-986-2298.

PLEDGE you can keep up on your pledge to the church in two ways during this time:  1. By sending a check to the church at 1719 N. 22nd St., Richmond Virginia, 23223 or our post office box at St. Peters, Church Hill PO Box 38754 Henrico, Virginia. 23231–9998.  2. Or giving online through the donor dash box on our website.

THE SHARING CIRCLE is an opportunity for us to share our resources in needs with each other during this pandemic. Olivia Brown is the contact person for the sharing circle. Her phone number is 804–986–2298 and email is brownoe19@gmail.com
St. Peters has started a sharing circle during this time of the coronavirus where we can connect parishioners who need things with those who can make them available. For example, if you need transportation, someone to run an errand for you, toilet paper, or advice on how to get something, we can connect you with someone in the parish who will provide those things. If you are in threat of eviction from your home or rental habitat,we would like to know and may be able to provide some assistance. Likewise, if you have something to offer like you can give a ride to someone, pick up groceries, want to host a zoom meeting for a craft activity that can be done while we are shut in, like cooking, baking or book club, feel free to let us know. Deacon Karla Hunt is available for pastoral needs if you would like a phone call to stay in touch, prayers by telephone, or something else. The sharing circle is open to all parishioners. If you’d like to participate with a request or with an offer, please contact Olivia Brown at 804-986-2298 (please leave a message if there’s no answer) or email brownoe19@gmail.com. All REQUESTS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. If you have any questions you can reach out to Olivia or anybody on the work team which includes the following: Karla, Daniel, Lindsay, Thom, Marc, Peter, Danny, and LaVerne.