Truth Sermon for August 30, 2020

Our preacher for August 30, the 13th Sunday after Pentecost, is Ms. Nikki Fernandes, a young adult member of St. Peter’s. Here is the link to her sermon. Here is a link to the Bible readings for August 30.

Nikki Fernandes is an active reader, thinker, teacher, dancer and wannabe writer.

She enjoys spending her time flipping through volumes of poetry with her cat Julia at her side or, in non-Covid times, hosting friends at her house for food, conversation and music.

She holds a Masters in English literature and teaches a critical thinking course for first year students at Virginia Commonwealth University. There, she loves finding creative ways for young adults to uncover their potential and form collaborative, encouraging communities with one another.

Born in Jersey and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia, she’s been a resident of Richmond for a little over ten years now. In the city, she spends her time teaching Zumba classes at the Robinson Theater in Church Hill, leading historical bike tours with Richmond Rides and partnering with Richmond Hill to help in retreat facilitation.

Her St. Peter’s community has helped her to feel like a valued member of a unique and lively church. Here, she has grown in her sense of freedom in the Spirit. She never feels forced to be present, but she always feels welcomed and regularly eager to be with the church family that she’s grown to love.