Information for Voting 2020

We will update this information throughout the fall. We also put the updated information and quick updates on our Facebook page.

#1 First things first, you must be registered to vote! TODAY you should either verify that you are registered to vote OR register to vote. If you will be 18 by Nov. 3 you can register to vote now.

Use this link to register or check your registration online:

You can also call your registrar’s office:

City of Richmond call 804-646-5950                   Henrico County call 804-501-5000              

#2 Voting in Virginia for the Nov. 3, 2020 election is different from previous years. Perhaps the most important new aspect is that early in person voting begins September 18. We recommend this as it is safer and faster. St. Peter’s will be offering rides for early in person voting. Stay tuned for information. To vote early in person go to your local registrar’s office:

City of Richmond: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 900 E Broad Street, Room 105 Richmond, VA 23219-1907

Eastern Henrico County: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm 3820 Nine Mile Road Henrico, VA 23228-2745  

#3 You can also vote by absentee ballot. This requires that you fill out an application to receive the ballot by mail and that you return the ballot PRIOR to Nov. 3. We recommend that you mail your ballot no later than October 25 to ensure that it arrives in time to be counted. It is important to carefully follow the directions on how to fill in the ballot. The ballot comes with 2 envelopes. Insert the ballot into envelope A (or 1) and SIGN IT. Then put everything in envelope B (or 2) and mail it. It is postage paid. You do not need a witness signature this year.

To request an absentee ballot use this link:

OR call your registrar’s office at the numbers above.

If you have questions or problems that you can’t resolve we will try and help you. Send us an email at