Prayers For These Times

These are most challenging times in multiple ways.  Many of us share a feeling at this time of feeling somewhat unmoored and an inner need to root more deeply in our faith. 

There is such power in prayer, amplified when we pray/meditate together (where two or more are gathered).  ‘Together’ is also a challenge right now.

Please consider joining us to pray together at noon (EST, USA) each day through the remainder of January as we navigate these days.

For this practice, I am returning to the familiar voice of the prayer of St Francis.

Consider this for your prayer time: As you read/recite the prayer, breathe in each key word to bring in that quality and breathe out to send that quality out into the world.  For example, breathe in (accept the gift of) peace and then breathe out (send out) peace.   You may wish to visit a given quality two or three times.

There may be other qualities you may find you want to spend time with: strength, wisdom, courage, compassion, gratitude, etc.  

As you pray, you may wish to consider our public servants, those who protect us and others, those who devote their energies to addressing the pandemic, those who are in pain, suffer or mourn in any way at this time.

Please share with others who may want to join together with us in prayer during these extraordinary times.
(This was sent to St. Peter’s from a friend and we are sharing it with all of you.)

Another prayer form is to join with the Diocese of Virginia in these prayers.