Prayers from St. Peter’s 1.20.2021

These prayers were offered in response to the following:  Write a prayer expressing your concerns for our world/country/communities.

  1. Prayer for Our Country and Others

Almighty Father,

I thank you for the opportunity of sharing my concerns about the United States and the present conditions we find ourselves in.  I know you are Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  All of the hatred and uncaring spirit for our fellowman was not your plan when you created the world.  You put together a world that you were pleased with and you provided for mankind all of your protection of love, grace and mercy.  God my prayer is that you will manifest yourself in our cold hearts, break us, melt us, mold us and fill us so we will heed to your call and prepare ourselves to be and make a difference in this world according to your will.  Bless the new administration.  Please give them the fortitude and courage to stand for truth, do justly, show love and walk humbly before you.  I pray for all new births, especially the baby you have given to Andrea and Grant Berger; may they know that as parents, they are the stewards of this precious one that you have added to their lives. I pray for their happiness and peace.  All of these petitions I pray in Jesus’ name.     Amen

Written by: Mrs. Mary W. Thompson


  1. Creator God, you have searched us and known us

    since first we quickened in our mother’s wombs.

You spot each of us under the fig tree,

     searching for you.

Bind us together as your children just as we are

     bound together in you.

Brother Martin says, “The time is always ripe to do right.”

Together, may we unite under the fig tree and

     enjoy its fruits, equally and justly, a bounty for all.

Written by: The Rev. Janet S. McDonald


  1. Dear Lord!  

As we begin, this New Year, please let us pray for all in

our world, that we can and will accept the truth of Spirit and of love,

to reduce sin in your world and paint a picture of spiritual renewal in

us of care for one another and provide new opportunities for all.  Let

us accept truth that will stir within us a glimpse what glory is to come

you.  In the name of Jesus! Amen

Written by: Dr. Ron Carey, Senior Warden