Updating the Church Directory

We are working on updating the current St. Peter’s Church directory. 

If you are already listed in our directory, please review your information and send any additions or corrections to Olivia Brown.  Please also let us know birthday and anniversary dates for you and your family members, as we plan to add a calendar for these dates, by month, to the directory.

If you are not in our directory, please  send your information to Olivia.  You do not have to be a “member” to be included in our directory! 

Include: your full name and that of your spouse or partner; mailing address; email address(es); home phone # and cell phone numbers; names of your children; all birthdays, and your wedding anniversary.   ANY information you do not wish to share can be left out.  Giving us your information is always optional!

We plan to publish our updated directory in early summer, and also to put it on our website.  The online directory WILL BE password protected.