Worship Services for Holy Week & Easter Day

While the corona virus pandemic continues to keep us physically separate we will join together spiritually in worship this Holy Week. Here is the bulletin (PDF) for the Holy Week services: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve. You can worship alone or with your family using these or you can combine it with the video of the service led by Fr. Andrew Terry.

Videos of each service are also available. This link will take you to YouTube and the playlist with videos for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve. Simply click on the service you want to watch.

Blessing to you and your family during this Holy Week as we walk with our Lord to his resurrection and Easter Day.

Palm Sunday Worship, April 5, 2020

Our worship for today includes:

The Story of Jesus’ Entry Into Jerusalem according to the Gospel of Mark:  Gospel reading

A song that Deacon Karla suggested to accompany the Gospel:  How can I keep from singing? sung by Audrey Assad.

The sermon recorded for you this week: “Jesus, Save Us!”

We hope you will enjoy these resources throughout the week. A devotional booklet for individual and family worship for Holy Week can be found at this link.

Devotional Booklet for Holy Week

This Sunday, April 5, 2020, is Palm Sunday or the Sunday of the Passion. It is the start of Holy Week when we walk with Jesus to the cross and then to his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Covid-19 continues to keep us apart physically, but as we have seen in our recent Sunday worship and coffee hours we are able to be together visually and spiritually.

Our worship team has put together a personal, or family, devotional book for use during Holy Week. The book is in PDF format so you can open it and read it from your computer or phone, or download and print it. Here is the link to the booklet.

If you would like to learn more about Palm Sunday and Holy Week click here.

Your support at this time is important

These are difficult and anxious times and St. Peter’s is working to continue our ministries that directly benefit the most vulnerable in our neighborhood. While our Neighborhood Walks and Bible studies are on pause, our Food Distribution program continues. Your support and help will help us help others. As you are able we are grateful for your help.

Here are 4 ways you can continue to financially support St. Peter’s:
1.  You can set up to make one-time or regular donations through this website. The “Give” button is on the home page, below the news blog; clicking on “Give” in the Menu; or clicking on this link will take you directly to the donation page.
2.  You can set up for your bank to electronically make a payment to St. Peter’s.  If you need any information from the church or help in getting this set up, please contact the Rev. Andrew Terry at Andrew.b.terry@gmail.com.
3.  You can mail a check made out to St Peter’s Episcopal Church to St Peter’s Episcopal Church 1719 North 22nd Street Richmond VA 23223
4.  Dr. Ronald Carey is willing to schedule a time to meet any individual at the church who wishes to make a check or cash donation but does not wish to put it in the mail.  You can call him at 804-795-2211 to schedule.

Thank you for your prayers and support. You are in our prayers.