St. Peter’s is a small, multi-generational and racially diverse congregation in the East End that is quick to welcome anyone who comes in our doors.

Food Distribution: Looking Out for One Another

St. Peter’s, in cooperation with the Peter Paul Development Center, distributes food to neighbors in need on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. The food is packaged on Tuesday afternoons at 1:30 pm and takes 60-90 minutes. It is distributed on Wednesday mornings starting at 8:30 a.m. and lasting about 2 hours. Bible Study and Coffee is also held on Wednesday mornings during the food distribution. Volunteers are needed. To volunteer and learn more email

Intercessory prayer group

The Intercessory Prayer Group meets by Zoom at 3:00 pm the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. All are welcome. To join contact Nikki Fernandes.

Supporting youth in our neighborhood

We are building relationships with the young men and women in the group homes near St. Peter’s. This year at Christmas, St. Peter’s members made and filled stocking for each of the residents. Watch for more information on how this relationship grows. For more information and to help contact Deacon Karla Westfall Hunt.

“There is an attention to looking out for one another at St. Peter’s that has stuck with me throughout my life.”

Wayne Johnson, a life-long member of St. Peter’s

Your questions answered …

How are you maintaining community during the pandemic?

St. Peter’s is a family of faith who loves to be with each other, with YOU, and our community. We’re maintaining and growing our community through our weekly online sermons; Sunday worship and fellowship time; our twice monthly food distribution; Bible studies, and other outreach to our Church Hill neighbors. Come join us!