After 100 years as a mission church in the Diocese of Virginia, in 2020, St. Peter’s will be a self-sustaining church.

This is a significant moment in the life of our congregation, as we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, who invested themselves and their resources into this church that they loved.

Now is our opportunity to carry on their legacy and invest ourselves here. There is no other church in Richmond like St. Peter’s. Here, people from different races and socio-economic backgrounds gather to worship together in what has historically been called the nation’s most segregated hour. That is not true at St. Peter’s.

For this reason, our neighborhood needs St. Peter’s, as people from different backgrounds live near each other but may not have places to be together. And our nation needs St. Peter’s, as people with differing viewpoints and backgrounds are increasingly divided from each other. St. Peter’s is a place for all of us to learn to love God and love our neighbor together.

The rich legacy we have inherited and our mission in this neighborhood and nation will continue into the future through what we collectively give: work, wealth, and wisdom.

our 2020 pledge goal

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