St. Peter’s has been a vibrant presence in Church Hill since the 19th century in various forms and locations. Our roots and relationships in the community are deep and wide.

100 years of growing

Begun as a children’s education ministry of St. John’s Church, Church Hill, St. Peter’s has been in several locations in the Church Hill neighborhood over it’s 100+ years’ existence.

“St. Peter’s is quite a remarkable community.  I grew up in St. Peter’s and for all my life it has been fully integrated. Not many places can claim that history and uniqueness. It works because the people of St. Peter’s have a willingness and expectation that it will work.”

Wayne Johnson


Mrs. Estes’ Kitchen: Sunday school for Church Hill’s African-American children begins with four boys in kitchen of St. John’s parishioner, Mrs. Estes, at 2310 East Grace Street.


Increased Enrollment: Sunday school has 148 teachers and students and is held in brick schoolhouse on St. John’s church grounds.


Land donated: Member of St. John’s donates land for African-American Sunday school at 621 N. 28th Street.


Chapel of the Good Shepherd Consecrated: A chapel building, moved from New Kent County to 621 N. 28th St., is consecrated as Chapel of the Good Shepherd.


Chapel of the Good Shepherd becomes a mission of St. Philip’s: Good Shepherd becomes a mission of St. Philip’s, which became an independent congregation in 1920.

by 1937

Now known as St. Peter’s Mission: Chapel of the Good Shepherd is now called St. Peter’s Mission.

late 1930s

Relocated to Storefront at 27th & P Streets: St Peter’s Mission moved to storefront at 27th & P Streets.

after 1941

Chapel at 621 N 28th Street Torn Down: Former Chapel of the Good Shepherd building at 621 N 28th Street has fallen into disrepair and is torn down.


St. Peter’s relocated to 2120 Venable Street: St Peter’s relocated to church building at 2120 Venable St. First full-time priest, Fr. James Mitchell, begins his tenure.


St. Peter’s moved to 22nd & X Streets: St. Peter’s moved to its current location at 22nd & X Streets.

Your questions answered …

How are you maintaining community during the pandemic?

St. Peter’s is a family of faith who loves to be with each other, with YOU, and our community. We’re maintaining and growing our community through our weekly online sermons; Sunday worship and fellowship time; our twice monthly food distribution; Bible studies, and other outreach to our Church Hill neighbors. Come join us!